We believe that business is the key to generating wealth in the poorest parts of the world. In frontier economies, where companies can make the biggest difference, there need not be trade-off between economic performance and social performance. Shared value between stakeholders just makes business sense. Our goal is to help our clients maximise profitability by solving social challenges at their doorsteps.  


The Business Case for Our Approach: 


For too long, companies operating in challenging environments have needlessly been losing vast sums of money due to operational threats rooted in stakeholder dissatisfaction and community conflict. Despite spending millions of dollars on social and environmental compliance, profitable and successful companies often write off vast sums of money as the ‘cost of doing business’. The paradigm has begun to change. Forward thinking companies have begun addressing this cost by first understanding their risk exposure and then mitigating this risk with effective stakeholder engagement and strategic community investment. These companies are seeing substantial financial and operational returns as a result. Trubshaw Cumberlege is in the vanguard of this paradigm change. By utilising our approach, companies working in challenging environments can reap considerable cost saving by implementing strategies to address stakeholder dissatisfaction.


The Moral Case for Our Approach:


Humanity is faced with enormous social, economic, and environmental challenges. Nowhere are these challenges more acute than in frontier economies. It is clear that government spending, traditional aid, and even philanthropy alone are insufficient to address these challenges. Organisations across a variety of sectors — public, non-profit, multilateral, and private — must work to address these challenges. But we believe that private business has the capacity to make the most fundamental change. Through business operations and wealth creation, private business has the ability and the moral duty to drive positive impacts in underserved communities where government and philanthropy falls short. 

Poverty, malnutrition, lack of education, social inequality, and environmental degradation remain widespread problems in frontier economies. These problems require innovative, sustainable, and scalable solutions. This is where business can play a key role. The challenge Trubshaw Cumberlege is trying to solve is finding ways for business to provide solutions without undermining its primary purpose - wealth creation. This is where our services come in. 

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