For many projects in frontier economies, non-technical delays can account for a significant portion of project cost-overruns. At the same time, strategic community investment can serve as a critical mechanism for projects to obtain a social license to operate from local stakeholders and these project delays. At Trubshaw Cumberlege, we create strategies that recognise the symbiotic relationship between investing in a community and maintaining a healthy social license to operate.  


Business Continuity and Social License Design

Our community investment strategies seek win-win solutions by aligning key business drivers with community development needs.



Summary: Detailed advice and strategy to reduce the occurrence and intensity of non-technical delays. Minimises the scope of forward looking impact from non-technical delays. Service includes assistance to ensure execution of the country crisis management plan in the event of a social con ict and a return to normal business operations. Includes dynamic business continuity planning and coaching for key project personnel.


  • Business continuity plan
  • management workshop
  • evacuation plan (optional).

Duration: 10-15 days.



Summary: Provides our clients with in-depth knowledge of community dynamics and social license vulnerabilities. This services also designs a community investment strategy that supports support of business objectives. Provides performance reporting aligned with existing enterprise data and sustainability reporting standards.


  • Community investment plan (report) that aligns social risk with community investment strategies.

Duration: 28 – 56 days.


Do you spend money on the community and still experience conflict? 

At Trubshaw Cumberlege we understand that avoiding social conflict and creating shared value with a fence line community takes more than just throwing money at a community. Instead, we help our clients craft community investment plans that are strategic, sustainable, and outcome-oriented. In this way, our community investment strategies serve a dual purpose of both strengthening profitibaility as well as making positive community impacts. In doing so, we prioritise outcomes over image and implement community investments that are designed to provide value and improve community-company relations.  



Trubshaw Cumberlege's founders originally conceived and founded Kariega Project, NPC, a thriving non-profit in South Africa that implements a unique and effective development model to help communities leverage the resources they have to gain the financing and services they need to thrive. Trubshaw Cumberlege therefore uses this experience in crafting development strategies that are sustainable. This is sustainability is build on the foundation of community self-organisation, resource maximisation, and partner leverage. 

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